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Reading Response: 36 and days: Reflection on Generation Beta

    I turned 36 years old on the 20th. And as it is her tradition, my mom contacts me to remind me that I am a year older. The restrictions of her religious beliefs  prevent her from actually saying … Continue reading

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it’s in the cards….

It’s in the Cards. On Tuesday, the 10th of march, I had a tarot card reading. It was after a presentation on Digital Literacy at the Austin Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. I had planned to do a … Continue reading

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Confessions without Context…

I was reading PostSecrets. I found many insightful messages that people send to strangers to be published as catharsis.  But… Does it really help if they don’t know it’s you? I thought I would take a stab at it my way… I … Continue reading

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writing to fight teh suck…

I’m afraid of sucking at Grad School, my writing and eventually podcasting. I know, I know it’s good to suck until you don’t suck and it’s really not sexy to whine to the whole interwebs about how much you do. … Continue reading

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Digital Literature: Important Works Compilation Part 1

The more I listen to podcast novels, the more I feel that they should be studied on an academic level. Delivery aside, the level of storytelling and the aural dimension (sound effects, voice acting, etc), lifts podcast novels above from … Continue reading

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now for 2009

I thought that being home would be freeing, an in a way I was right. I get up when I want to do some things about the house, do some things outside the house if I have the money and … Continue reading

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MicroFiction: In Color

I dream in waves and colors mere mortals cannot understand. they wave and wobble, taunting and tormenting me like a lover who brings you to the edge….and leaves you there.

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2009, 3.0, 10,000

the year, 2009 the first full year as a grad student 3.0 the GPA so far 10,000 was the magic number that started it all. I’m getting the time and the subject matters to wrote again and I will talk … Continue reading

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Handwriting on the Wall

The picture above is an illustration of the subtle things we lose as we go forward into the age of digital literacy. For those who don’t know, the piece of paper is nothing more than my name on a piece … Continue reading

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Why Mercs 2 has many wins….

Obama jacking a tank? Hell’s Yeah! Palin popping the colla of a chopper pilot? You Betcha! New downloadable content makes the already awesomely nofail game Mercenaries 2 even more badazzzz

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