Grad School has made me happy… already….

Ever have that feeling when you started school that you were going to make a complete and utter ass of yourself becasue you wern’t wearing the right kind of cloths?

That you weren’t smart enough to be a geek, was too clumsy to be a jock or cheerleader, and too well adjusted to be a punk, goth or emo?

That’s how I felt going into Grad School. I don;t have these grand dreams of being a top scientist or have these profound theories…

I just want to to learn to teach writing.

I thought I had to fight and mix and match to find my place; had to spend countless time trying to explain this dream over and over until people just rolled their eyes and left or i got tired.




they actually get me here.


and what’s even better, they get what i want to say and they get my fear in saying it. 

i feel at home here.

even with the 15 pounds of reading that has to be done.

I’ll get used to that.

But it’s good to fit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about 6 pounds of reading this week to go.

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