Sique’s open mind is a dangerous thing

I got this in the email this morning:

Hi all,

I’m going to get straight to the point in this email: I was very disappointed with the level of our class discussion last night. This is a graduate-level class and I am clear in the syllabus that I expect people to read the materials and to use class time to discuss those issues thoughtfully and with intellectual rigor. For the most part, I did not see that happening last night.

I suspect that our frequent forays into (only very) tangentially-related issues is the result of little preparation (reading) for class. If you do not read the materials for a particular class, please do not come to class. If you do not plan to read the materials for any of our classes, please drop the class. It is not fair to me or others who take discussions of rhetoric and composition seriously to come to class unprepared or with little respect for the seriousness of the issues we discuss.

I have been teaching graduate courses for over 10 years now and have never left a class as disappointed as I left our class last night. I have already heard from others who feel the same way. I am confident that the level of our discussion next week will reflect your interest and dedication to the course and respect for your colleagues’ learning.


I was so disappointed by this email. The class that night was alive and electric with conversation. While it did go off on tangents, there was such a rich space where thoughts, ideas and beliefs ran free.

I left the class feeling more confident about the Grad school experience than I did last week. There was frustration exhibited by some who wanted to slavishly adhere to the reading as far as it supported their theories and didn’t want to expand any further, but that’s so common it’s cliche.

But I assume that the professor didn’t believe that she couldn’t control it. 

So I got this.

‘But Sique’, you say ‘it looks like she sent it to a group. Why are you getting mad?’ 

I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the fact that it didn’t have CC or group tags on either the one I got at my private or school address.

‘But she may have sent it each one individually.’

Maybe, but I think that the whole situation was bad. I thought that Grad school was all about using readings to set points from where your own theories carve their own path.

And I still believe that.

And I told her that in my response. She didn’t answer. I am not surprised.

So I declare this email a FAIL and since I’m going to facilitate this week, I intend to go in with boom-boom a rocking.  

I’ll let you see the email I get next week too.


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