a dip in the path

I got an email that shook me to my bones the other day.

I thought I was above such things. I thought that I could keep my emotions in check and be an adult about the entire situation.

but nonsuch.

I got the line from my professor:

“We need to talk about the work you have turned in so far.”

That’s it. That was all. But that was all that was needed to get all my blood running cold and my heart racing.

What did want to talk about?

What was wrong?

What had I missed?

I read everything that she wanted, put my heart into the work and the discussions, tried to keep my head above water.


I stressed, cried and moped. I saw my graduate school career fall apart in front of my eyes. All that time that could have been spent with the girls and Fable 2 was wasted. I mourned over my time and my future. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life. 

I decided to pick up the phone and me my doom ear to ear (face to face being impossible since I was fairly sure that she didn’t have a web cam).

I asked and braced myself for the answer.

“You have a tendency to reduce your arguments to there most simple easy to understand form.”

That’s truth and it made it easier

“I understand,” I could hear the smile in her voice “I used to do the same thing when I start grad school…”

She continued on to tell of her journalism background and how the lean, clear and concise method that serves there is the death of the academic.

“Our jobs now as academics is to ‘problemize’ the issue and to extend everything to argument”

I felt like helium. So light. So, so light…

We made an appointment and I looked over my sheets to see if there was anything I could do before we met.

The path is clear.

The katet is rounding and shaping… the members come and go, and I keep to my journey.

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