Handwriting on the Wall

The picture above is an illustration of the subtle things we lose as we go forward into the age of digital literacy.

For those who don’t know, the piece of paper is nothing more than my name on a piece of paper, written by a former professor I will from here on out refer to TGD (the good doctor).

I have known TGD for over 2 years now, have taken several classes with him, have received back countless pages of feedback, citations, notes, praise and criticism (my favorite being “Were you drinking when you wrote this?”). Emails have flown. And postings have been read.

Lots of words…loads of words have passed between us.

Today, I received some books back that I loaned him and received the above note, signifying to the front desk who they belonged to.
Common. Everyday. Note. With my name on it.


I realized that this is the first time I have EVER SEEN HIS HANDWRITING. EVER!

There was a time once when you could tell allot about a person by his handwriting. You could even identify the writer if you were familiar enough with them. When cursive was still being taught in schools and before the handwritten note gave way to the quick email.

The digital age is exciting and dynamic, but with progress there’s sacrifice. And it’s the little things you miss….

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