now for 2009

I thought that being home would be freeing, an in a way I was right. I get up when I want to do some things about the house, do some things outside the house if I have the money and spend time with the kids and the 360.

What I have found is that I need is more structure now that I have more free time.

I don’t have the time excuse anymore. I have all the hours in the day! There’s no excuse for not having an evening meal or the laundry done or my reading for the research paper done.  What else do I have to do?

Let’s step away from domestically for a minute…

I now have no excuse for not working out. I have the equipment, and the time (there’s that tricky instant excuse maker)….

I have 20-30 minutes to give for a walk and another 20-30 minutes to lift weights. There’s no pressing need to clock in, no deadlines to fret over. Just me and ability or lack thereof to summon the will to get up and make my muscles sore.

So to be able to get things done, I have to have schedules and routines that keep me in sync and the dishes out of the sink. So I made some goals:

  • I have to put time into my body

    • I want to get away from my current 42 inch waist to a much healthier 34 inches, roughly have my height

    • I want to get my diabetes under control with diet while I still can

  • My looks

    • (transitioning to chemical free hair and stretching my ear lobes to 10mm)

  • And my research 
    • getting all of my reading done 
    • schedule class visits
    • parallel podcast novels to more conventional means of publication
  • building my site
    • the splash page is done; check it out, but there’s a lot of work to be done still
This may seem like resolutions, but what these really are the continuation of the world building I started many years ago. I started out without a useable education, a home, a relationship, a family and I have created some and allowed in others.

Now that foundation of my world is complete, now it’s time for framing. The dream job, the daily writing, the novel, the community.

I didn’t know that I would be so tired and scared. And I am, but I am proud of the work so far. I pushed myself to the limits of the world that I knew and now I look at the all the work that needs to be done on the new one. It makes me tired. And scared. And sanguine. 

talk to you soon….

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