writing to fight teh suck…

I’m afraid of sucking at Grad School, my writing and eventually podcasting.

I know, I know it’s good to suck until you don’t suck and it’s really not sexy to whine to the whole interwebs about how much you do.

But I found that there was no other way to get my 100 words in today:

·     I wanted to write about how electronic literature was the coffee table books compared to the hard and paperback book of podcast fiction.

·     I wanted to add another hundred words to that next Micah Leigh story I have been thinking of (I haven’t written anything about her since August 07, bleh)

·     I compiled the work for the first part of my Important Works research and that’s done, but I haven’t loaded them to my iPod for listening

·     I mourn over the fading of Hundred Books because of all Grad School Work and decided instead to create the Important Works so it can be part of Grad Studies

·     I…

Much like the writing pages of “The Artist Way” these few hundred words give me confidence, the will to keep writing, kinda like doing all of your outside errands since you’re already dressed, out the house and the gassed up.

So I will whine until it’s all done and I will write until I’m done…or at least until I don’t suck anymore.


Like that will ever happen 

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