99 dollars will start your world as you know it….

I did it and I’m glad…I think.

yeah, I am.

I bought the Behringer USB podcasting kit this week and starting working on the topics I want to cover…


The Book 100 is going well offline (15 books read so far) and I want to share what I have learned.

Just soss you know, the Book 100 was developed by Heather Sellers in her book, Chapter after Chapter. The belief is that the best way to write is to read (really read) 100 books of the genre that you want to write (and a few outside of it). I will go into more detail on the Book 100 blog, but now back to the subject:

The list will now include podcasted books.

The quality of the ones I have read so far have made me happy.

They have encouraged me, (not being published is not the end of the world!)

reassured me, (what I have is good enough to share)

and challenge me. (can I write 25, 55, 85, 105,000 words and read them? what about editing?)

We will see, won’t we?

The others are a bit more…blurry.

I want to do a worldbuilding blog and podcast called “Building Alazar” but the redhead and I are not seeing eye to eye on what the world should be. I’m considering doing the same for the Micah Leigh stories (“Griefeater” and “All Your Dogs are Belong to Us”), but the environment has to be enriched.

All the more reason to read the books….

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