MeetUps mean liquid courage

I went to the podcasting meetup last night, which the reason for the late post. It was really informative and it made me want to get rolling as soon as possible.

The thing that gets me is that I couldn’t shake the whole “this is how I turn a buck on it and so can you” vibe of the whole thing.

I’m not mad at anyone whocan make some paper doing something they love, but the whole name dropping and “this is how I made the money” and the how to monetize (is that a word? for really?) podcasts left me with a feeling usually reserved for hot sticky days. or mud wrasslin’.

But for all of that I was made firm and I feel good about this. so I record, and starting next friday, there wwill be three new blogs up and this fall the podcasts will be ready to go:

–Book 100: Sique’s MFA at home course. She will cull and critique 100 books and tell you how they help (or keep from hindering ) her writing craft.

–Building Alazar: Sique’s audioblog that will chronicle her journey in building the Alazar Universe, where not only her stories live. From the history to magic systems to characters to structure. Watch as she skates and stumbles through the creation of her first world. For the first time out of her mind, at least.

I’ll keep you posted on how the meetups go and how everything else in my world offline is going too on this blog.

Talk you soon,


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